Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

About Us!

The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club, like a lot of things, had a very humble beginning. During their 2005/2006 4-H year members Amanda Greening (entering her 2nd year in the 4-H rabbit project) & Krysta Turner (entering her first year) were looking for a fun activity to round out their project. That's when they found a website from Denmark & a magazine on the sport of rabbit hopping, which is like dog agility, but just with jumps. Although they did not have Dutch rabbits, generally the rabbit of choice, they thought it looked like fun.

The first order of business was to build jumps to use, which were made as part of the project. They also needed to get the rabbits used to wearing harnesses and being on a leash. To train them to jump, first you have to lay a pole on the ground near the base of the jump, so they get used to the idea that they are supposed to go over it. Then you put the poles in the jump cups, gradually raising them as the rabbits get better. The girls use film canisters to make the jump cups.

The bunnies performed in some fun shows & at Achievement Day, but the first really big live performance was at 4-H on Parade, our big year end show for 4-H. The demonstration was run in a space beside the dairy show & about half way through they had emptied the stands from the dairy show. It was there they were also noticed by a representative of the Calgary Stampede, who requested them for 5 demos, including in front of the main Grand Stand Stage during the 2007 Family Day breakfast. Since then, they have performed at pet stores, the S.A.R.B.A. Easter event in Airdrie, Calgary Pet Expo, Chestermere rabbit show, & will be back at 4-H on Parade & performed in Edmonton on Canada Day 2008! Since this time, they have made many more appearances, to see a full list, check out our events & performances link.

There are lots of new members & even more new rabbits! Check out our Meet the Stars link for a list of all the rabbits & their trainers! Each rabbit even has it's own story & song & some even have their own music video!

We have added new equipment, going for more toward agility, with an "A" frame, tunnel, pause table, hoop jumps, bunny walk, teeter totter & most recently, the high jump & long jump.

In the summer of 2011, Amanda saw previews for a Canadian version of the popular show America's Got Talent. She sent off the application & on September 14, 2011, Amanda with some club members & bunnies auditioned in Edmonton, Ab. for Canada's Got Talent. On October 18, 2011 the club performed in front of the live studio audience.
Interesting CGT facts: In September over 3000+ auditioned in Edmonton for the show! Out of those, 80 made it to the stage in Calgary on October 18 & 19, 2011. From those 80, we were one of only 18 shown on national TV on March 5, 2012!
While the club did not advance to the next round, we did not recieve any X's & got a standing ovation from the studio audience.

Since CGT, the club has taken a huge step forward from it's humble beginning of two girls looking for a new 4-H rabbit project!

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