Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Amanda & Babbitty Rabbitty!

Babbitty Rabbitty came to us purely by accident, wedging himself in with his personality and charisma. Another member of the club, Rianna, wanted to join the rabbit hopping in our 4-H club, so she needed a rabbit. A breeder we all knew well gave us 2 rabbits to offer to Rianna to use for her project rabbit, Babbitty or Somebunny. She chose Somebunny.

Babbitty Rabbitty 2008

It didn't take long to convince the family that Babbitty was here to stay. I'm still not quite sure if we decided to take him in or if he commanded it because he sure managed to make himself king of the castle rather swiftly and has remained firmly at the top of the totem pole ever since. After all, it is awful hard to say no to this adorable little face and commanding presence.

Babbitty is a bit of a spaz bunny and often has trouble focusing on one thing too long before losing interest, something that has shown itself to be slightly problematic on the hopping course. It was surprisingly easy to train him for the course though, only taking around an hour to really get the hang of it, a true little prodigy. However, when he has a crowd watching and the excitement is in the air, he's always raring to go, digging at the pause table and straining against the harness in effort to start the race. Whoever said that animals are not competitive lied because this little guy knows when it's time to get serious. Honestly, I'm going to have to have a serious talk with him because I've seen him gloating to the others in his tent after the races, it's simply not proper. However, lately Popcorn has been serving him some slices of humble pie, so he is starting to mellow out a little as he matures.

Babbitty has a very bright and happy personality, always being the first to greet you when you walk by and always happy to be picked up (And getting insulted if you don't. You will be paying for this indignation later, he makes sure of that.). When he's out at home it's impossible to get him out from under your feet, being the little social butterfly that he is. Really, could you ever say no to a face as sweet at that?

Between being a memorable character, adorable, sweet and loving, this little ball of walking charisma has marked him as quite the unique bunny. Be sure to keep an eye out for him at performances!