Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Kate & Felix!

What can I say about Felix? He is a big (and getting bigger every day), goofy Rhinelander. I had discovered the Rhinelander breed a few years ago, but I didn't really need one at the time and they didn't seem to be a breed that was what I wanted. However, when Kristy had gotten some, I was interested, but not too seriously, I did have 7 rabbits already. So when Lillian passed away, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I wanted a big fluffy white bunny, but I did not think it was the right time to get another angora. When the opportunity to go up to Cochrane to Kristys store, I figured I would go see the Rhinelanders she had, but didn't know if one would come home with me. When we got there, I saw Felix and his sister in the pen and immediately went for him. It took a few minutes of thinking and holding him to decide he was coming home with me.

Felix Since bringing him home, he has showed himself to be a big goof ball with lots of spunk. I wanted a fun name for him and found Felix Felicis, a potion from Harry Potter and that just sited him perfectly. While he is a bit shy with people he doesn't know, he likes to nose bonk me and be all over my feet wanting attention. He is pretty smart and has already figured out how to jump/climb his pen and is picking up agility pretty quickly.