Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Amanda & Jabberwocky!

I started looking for a Belgian Hare back in 2007 when we first began rabbit hopping because of their sleek, athletic build and their intelligence. I had no idea at the time that they were so rare and finding one in Canada was pretty near impossible! For quite a while I kept looking but never really found a bunny that would work out and searched on and off through the years.

Jabberwocky It wasn't until my Mom started looking as well that we discovered Jeanne of Rare Hare Rabbitry that we really had our first chance of getting one of these guys. She sent a picture of a Belgian Hare named Goofy and offered to give him to us, which we enthusiastically accepted. My Mom decided that she didn't want to be left behind in the dust due to my awesome new bunny and decided to get one too, a wonderful Belgian named Peace. The only downside of the plan is that these rabbits were all in Illinois, too far for us to consider travelling ourselves for two rabbits and we didn't want to risk flying the bunnies to us since I had heard some horror stories of rabbits in the baggage areas of planes. Much to our luck, Jeanne was actually attending the ARBA convention in Minneapolis and someone in Calgary was transporting rabbits back from some people here. We arranged with her to pick up Peace and Goofy and prepared ourselves for an insanity inducing few months of waiting.

Sadly, when Jeanne tried to separate Goofy from his brothers to move him into a bigger cage, he got sick and began to drop weight, causing her to make the right decision to keep him there so not to stress the poor bunny out any further. She then offered a different rabbit instead, a Tan and Belgian Hare cross. Admittedly, we were a little down because Goofy had looked like he had so much personality in the pictures she sent us and we had been very excited to welcome him into the family. We decided to take in this little guy, though, and thank goodness we did. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when they got here, having never actually met the rabbits before and knowing that they had been travelling for quite some time and they would most likely be exhausted and not the most social of bunnies. Much to our surprise, when we popped open the carrier that he and Peace were being transported side by side in Jabberwocky's head immediately popped out, ears at full mast, and gave us a rather enthusiastic hello. Well, that was it, we were goners.

Although we haven't had Jabberwocky long he has already made quite the impression with his playful nature, outgoing personality and friendly disposition. Whenever he hears someone coming he immediately comes to the side of his cage, demanding attention. Rabbit Hopping seems like the perfect thing to channel all this energy he has and when he wishes to focus, he does pretty well with it so far. I can't wait to spend more time with him and get to know this little character even more.