Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Krysta & Jeremiah!

Hi my name is Krysta and here's a little about me !

Jeremiah at The Millarville Fall Fair 2007 I had never had a rabbit before in my life! My mom was not about to let me get one either. But when the 4-H sign ups came I had to pick a project and well 4-H is not 4-H with out animals so I told the leader to sign me up and with a little negotiating me and my mom had a deal. I could do the rabbit project by borrowing a rabbit from the leader and then giving it back at the end of the year!

That year was a great year I learned allot about rabbits and bonded with Jeremiah. He was still a little baby when I got him so he could not jump as high as Willow or as long so we took baby steps with his training and while he grew he also improved! I am very proud of him and could never part from my little buddy.

How I Got Jeremiah.
So you know I had a deal with my mom. When are first meeting came I got to go out and choose the rabbit I wanted to use. So the first rabbit I got was a doe named Caramel and she was a nice bunny but we soon found that she had a little attitude problem so sadly she could not stay with me, and had to go back to my leader. So around November of that year we went to her house for the meeting and she had a litter of baby bunnies and there was one she said that I could use! The first time I saw him he was just a little ball of fluff but I could not take him home he still needed his mother so I had to wait till January to take him home. When the year was over my mom had become attached to him too so she was going to pay my leader so I could keep him but she said no you can just have him! So I have been with my little buddy ever since!

Update: Jerry passed away on January 16, 2011.