Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Amanda & Kia!


Every year around Easter time, there is an explosion of rabbits that are being bred as novelty pets & meant to only stick around a few months as toys for kids before they become a burden & are given away to the first person to show an interest. Kia & Tiana were two such rabbits, both extremely young babies that came to us as Easter babies from an irresponsible breeder.

We raised the buns & adopted out their brother, Jasper, before deciding to keep adventurous little Kia & dainty, affectionate Tiana.

After all, who could help but love those little faces!

Kia at home is a very demanding bun who knows how she wants things & when she wants them. She has also shown great talent for agility, but is also quiet timid with noises & crowds so for now, we are going to be taking things slow & easy for the newest rising superstar.