Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Kate & Kraken!

I had been wanting a Tan since about November or December. Even before that I had been looking at them and admiring them. The trouble was that there really aren't many breeders in Alberta or the rest of Canada. It seemed like I would never be able to get one as I really could not afford the costs to ship a rabbit and didn't have the connections to get one transported otherwise.

Kraken In May, I found out that some other breeders were going to a show in Washington. The breeder who I wanted to get a Tan from was also going and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to finally get a Tan. I arranged for the transportation before contacting the breeder to make sure there was space. I then contacted Bonny Wagoner of Urban Rabbits ( . She offered me 2 Tan bucks. Originally, the plan was for me to keep one and the other to maybe go to another club member if they were interested. No one seemed to want one and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted both. I decided to get both of them. Since the show was not until June 25, I still have a few weeks of waiting before they would get here.

Kraken was a bit over a year when I got him. He is a bit more reserved but still quite affectionate. I think he might have a tan more focus than Tesla, but not by much. He is calmer, but will still run and binky all over if given the chance. He seems to learn rather quickly and is speedy when he wants to be. Kraken gets his name from the mythical sea creature. I hope to be able to say "Release the Kraken", and he will blast off the start box and run the course like a pro. If you come to an event, Kraken will be in the Purple harness.