Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Amanda & Star

For as long as I have wanted a rabbit, I have liked the Dutch Breed. Long before we even started rabbit hopping, I had been looking for a bunny, and had like the Dutch for their neat looking color patterns and bundles of energy. My mom, however, didn't seem to like them, and we soon discovered the Holland Lop breed, leading us to Frost. When we got Willow a year later, my mom came up with a single rule for me to follow. Amanda & Star

No more rabbits.

You would think it was simple enough, right? Well then, when Rianna wanted to join the club, she got a choice between to rabbits from Karey and Jackie, one of them being her current rabbit, Somebunny, leaving a small bundle of fuzz.

Enter Babbitty Rabbitty.

No more rabbits.

However, I managed to sway mom enough to contact a Dutch breeder up in Edmonton after reading an announcement on her page about a litter of Dutch’s that had been born. Star’s name immediately came up through the e-mails as a curious little buck that, however, would not be show quality. But we weren't looking for a show rabbit, just a pet and hopeful hopper after reading about the amazing Dutch rabbits that they have over in Denmark. I was hopeful since mom seemed to like the adorable little pictures that came through the e-mails, and Dad wasn't very hard to sway.

However, the Chinook Winds Model Horse Show came around, and as said in Shippou’s story, although he was not intended for us, but for a raffle, both Mom and Alana got really very attached to the bunny through his quirky personality.

Bye bye Star.

Months before, I had been registered for the 4-H PDP #1 Battle Lake camp with Rianna, and I hadn't been all that enthused about going to this camp, the thought of heading into tornado country wasn't all that appealing to me. Although it did turn out to be very fun and I made some friends, I still was rather homesick, and was pleased when I was able to go back home after a long fun-filled week. I did notice Alana seemingly bursting, wanting to tell me something but my mom silenced her, although she seemed to want to tell me too. When we arrived home, I saw Rufus, (our guinea pig) cage up in the living room. Curious to why he was moved, I walked up to cage to see a pair of black ears peeking over the sides.

Odd... What's Rufus doing now?

He was... Hopping?

Amanda & Star That’s right, Star, much bigger then I had expected, and rather fat, was laying down in his cage, looking at me through watchful brown eyes. I slowly removed him from the cage as mom explained how they had had him for the entire week while I was at camp, picking him up the second after they dropped me off, and how he had already soaked her the previous night when she had been holding him. Apparently she was not to happy about that!

Star is a bit of a slow starter, but once he grasps the hopping concept, he seems to do quite well at it.