Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club

Meet Ty!


This little guy was originally a surrendered bunny to Sharin when we were doing rabbit hopping demos for the Easter weekend in Edmonton, We took him back to Calgary to help him find a home. He spent his first week in a small cage in my bedroom, and through letting him out and playing with him, I discovered this little guy had quite the personality to him. He also had a great love for our dog Dodger and would spend as long as he could weaving between Dodger's legs, steadily gaining speed until he tired himself out or found a new playmate that was a little more enthusiastic for his affections.

I began hopping with him a few days later out of curiosity to see if it was something he would enjoy. I was shocked that he was nearly beating our club record on his first night of training. Little Ty was simply amazing! And he continues to improve as we further our training.

He also has some other rather unique habits that I haven't seen in other bunnies. He, like Babbitty, will also follow me around when I am walking and he is out, but he also likes to weave between my feet as I step, so it looks like he's doing weave poles between my legs. I have gotten better at not nearly falling on my face when he does this. He also holds another odd habit. When you have two or three people sitting on the floor, he will begin running the barrel racing pattern used for horses in rodeo. He will continue running his little circuit as long as people sit there. He obviously finds running around things very amusing, which makes the course all the more fun for him.

Ty seems to be filled with enthusiasm and loves to have fun. I have begun to wonder if he takes anything seriously, but his boundless energy is something that makes him a great little companion, along with my other little bunnies, one of the joys in my life.